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Governance of Regional Transit Systems: Washington, New York, and Toronto 

After reviewing the history, structure, and challenges of three regional transit agencies in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Toronto, Canada Institute Public Policy ScholarAnne Golden examines the governance arrangements of each in relation to widely accepted principles of good governance. To download the full text of the publication, click here.



Who Owns the Arctic?

As part of our event Arctic 2014: Who Gets a Voice and Why it Matters, the Wilson Center produced a five video series featuring experts from the event. 


Differences That Count

Canada Institute Director David Biette is the co-editor of the Fourth edition ofDifferences that Count. Available here

Alternative North Americas: What the U.S. & Canada Can Learn From Each Another

Former foreign service officer David Jones pulls no punches as he explores the challenges facing Canada and the United States in their tight and close relationship. To download the full text of the publication, click here.

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