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Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom's Future

Oct 23, 2013 to Oct 30, 2013
Caryle Murphy discusses her latest book A Kingdom’s Future: Saudi Arabia Through the Eyes of Its Twentysomethings.

Works in Progress: All the Truth is Out & State of Siege

Oct 16, 2013 to Oct 23, 2013
This week we present two works in progress from former Wilson Center Public Policy Scholars, Matt Bai and Matthew Dallek.

Navigating the South China Sea

Oct 02, 2013 to Oct 09, 2013
Marvin Ott, Senior Scholar with the Wilson Center’s Asia Program, discusses tensions in the South China Sea.

The Legal and Media Worlds Look at the 2013-14 Supreme Court Term

Sep 25, 2013
Panelists will discuss the upcoming Supreme Court term and how the modern media cover our nation’s highest court. This event is co-sponsored by the American Bar Association Division for Public Education and the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Cities without Suburbs

Sep 25, 2013 to Oct 02, 2013
David Rusk, a former mayor of Albuquerque, joins us for a look at his book, “Cities without Suburbs.” Blair Ruble joins the discussion. Christopher Wilson discusses the newly released “The State of the Border Report."

The Quarterly Report: Memories of a Sudanese Child Slave

Sep 18, 2013 to Sep 25, 2013
Melissa Pritchard, professor of English at Arizona State University, discusses her recent Quarterly piece “Still, God Helps You,” which tells the story of William Mawwin, a former Sudanese child slave.

The Way of the Knife

Sep 11, 2013 to Sep 18, 2013
Mark Mazzetti discusses his new book "The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth." Curtis Brainard surveys the landscape of science journalism.

Is 3-D Printing a Game Changer?

Sep 04, 2013 to Sep 11, 2013
David Rejeski, Director of the Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program, discusses the potential of 3-D printing and digital fabrication.

The Devouring Dragon

Aug 28, 2013 to Sep 03, 2013
Jennifer Turner, Director of the China Environment Forum, and Craig Simons, author of The Devouring Dragon: How China’s Rise Threatens Our Natural World, discuss the environmental implications of China's rapid growth.

Remembering Margaret Thatcher

Aug 21, 2013 to Aug 27, 2013
Michael Geary looks back at the legacy of Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Cynthia Arnson provides context on the surprisingly close Venezuelan presidential election.


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