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Lest We Forget, Part I

Aug 03, 2015
Donald McCullough, composer and arranger of The Holocaust Cantata, Music Director, Master Chorale of Washington.

Mid-East Peace: The Road Behind, The Challenge Ahead

Aug 03, 2015
Shibley Telhami is the Anwar Sadat Chair in Population, Development, and Peace at the University of Maryland.

When Things Changed the Career of Daniel Rostenkowski

Aug 03, 2015
Richard Cohen is author of Rostenkowski: The Pursuit of Power and the End of The Old Politics.

The Language of Landscape

Nov 29, 1999 to Dec 05, 1999
Anne Whiston Spirn is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning and Co-Director of Urban Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Last Writings of Rachel Carson

Nov 22, 1999 to Nov 28, 1999
Linda Lear is the author of Lost Woods: The Discovered Writing of Rachel Carson.

A Composer's Act: A Conversation with Maury Yeston

Nov 15, 1999 to Nov 21, 1999
Maury Yeston is composer of the musical "Titanic".

Planning for Prosperity

Nov 01, 1999 to Nov 07, 1999
Kent Hughes is former Associate Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce, and a current Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Reconstructive Critics: Think Tanks in the Post Soviet Bloc Democracies

Oct 25, 1999 to Oct 31, 1999
Raymond J. Struyk is a senior fellow at the Urban Institute and the author of Reconstructive Critics: Think Tanks in Post Soviet Bloc Democracies.


Oct 18, 1999 to Oct 24, 1999
Robert Hathaway is the Director of the Asia Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

We Have Come to Stay

Oct 11, 1999 to Oct 17, 1999
Kristie Miller is co-editor of We Have Come to Stay: American Women and Political Parties, 1880-1960.


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