Democracy Events

Foreign Policy Under a Conservative Government

October 30, 2006 // 7:30am4:00pm
Canada Institute
The Canada Institute and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute (CDFAI) co-sponsored CDFAI's 2006 Annual Conference, "Foreign Policy Under a Conservative Government: An Interim Report Card," which looked at the Harper government's record on foreign policy, defense, and development.

The Politics of Energy in Latin America

October 23, 2006 // 9:00am11:00am
Latin American Program
A panel of experts looks at the nationalization of hydrocarbons in Bolivia, Venezuela's use of "oil diplomacy" in the hemisphere, the development of the Camisea natural gas pipeline in Peru, and increased concern over the security of U.S. energy supplies. All of these issues serve to underscore the intensely political aspects of energy relations in Latin America.

Reds, Greens, Blues and Browns: Party Development, Electoral Volatility and On-Going Surprises in East European Elections

October 18, 2006 // 12:00pm1:00pm
Global Europe Program
Stephen Deets, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Babson College

Political Change in Post Communist Slovakia and Croatia: From Nationalist to Europeanist

October 13, 2006 // 3:30pm5:00pm
Global Europe Program
Sharon Fisher, Senior Economist, Global Insight, Pavol Demes, German Marshall Fund

Health Provision in Fragile Settings: A Stabilizing Force?

September 12, 2006 // 12:00pm2:00pm
Environmental Change and Security Program
Experts discuss discuss best practices for conducting health work in fragile or post-conflict countries, as well as the potential impact of health systems on stability and security in rebuilding states during the fourth meeting in ECSP's Health, Population, and Fragility series.

Perspectives on the October 1, 2006 Parliamentary Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina

August 31, 2006 // 4:00pm5:00pm
Global Europe Program
Ranko Bakic, President of the Board of Directors of the National Party for Labor and Prosperity

Voting for Thugs: Nationalism, Authoritarianism and the Market in Slovakia's Electoral Politics

June 29, 2006 // 12:30pm1:30pm
Global Europe Program
Kevin Deegan-Krause, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Wayne State University

Constitution Drafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 10, 2006 // 12:00pm1:30pm
Global Europe Program
Robert Hayden, Professor of Anthropology, Law and Public and International Affairs, Director of the Center for East European and Russian Studies, University of Pittsburgh,R. Bruce Hitchner, Chair of the Dayton Project and Professor of International Relations, Tufts University

Strengthening Watershed Management in Southwest China

April 28, 2006 // 2:00pm3:30pm
China Environment Forum
CEF hosts Yu Xiaogang, founder of one of China's leading environmental NGOs Green Watershed and winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize 2006, to talk about his work on promoting citizen involvement with watershed management in Yunnan Province.

Особливості перехідного періоду в Україні напередодні парламентських виборів

March 22, 2006 // 10:00am1:00pm
Kennan Institute in Ukraine
22 березня 2006 року у Києві відбувся семінар "Особливості перехідного періоду в Україні напередодні парламентських виборів". Його учасники намагалися спрогнозувати, які політичні сили увійдуть до майбутнього парламенту, які коаліції можуть бути сформовані, яким чином результати місцевих виборів у різних регіонах відіб’ються на подальшому розвиткові країни в цілому. Вони також відзначили низку проблем, нагальних для України незалежно від перебігу передвиборчої боротьби, таких як неналежне формування національної і регіональної ідентичності, криза у системи освіти і науки, повільний розвиток громадянського суспільства і місцевого самоврядування, невідповідність політичних декларацій реальній ситуації в країні.