Lebanon Events


Moderating Extremism: Lebanese Leaders' Perspective

January 21, 2010 // 10:00am11:30am
Middle East Program
Elissar Douaihy, Training and Mobilization Coordinator, Women Empowerment: Peaceful Action for Security and Stability (WEPASS), Beirut; May Akl, Foreign Press Secretary for MP and Former Prime Minister Michel Aoun, Beirut; Dima Dabbous-Sensenig, Director, Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World, Lebanese American University, Beirut; Claudia Chamoun Abi Nader, Professor, Military Academy, Fayadieh; Wafa Abed, President, Institute of Progressive Women Union, Beirut

The Economics of War: The Intersection of Need, Creed and Greed

September 10, 2001 // 12:00am
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
A conference co-sponosored with the International Peace Academy examined the intersection between the economic factors of conflict and the more traditional factors, including ideology, identity, and geopolitical security.