North America Events

Steeling the E.U.-U.S. Relationship for the Challenges Ahead

January 24, 2002 // 11:00pm
Program on America and the Global Economy

NATO After September 11: New Purpose or Accelerated Atrophy?

January 13, 2002 // 11:00pm
Global Europe Program
Ilya Prizel, UCIS Research Professor of East European Studies and Professor of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Conference - Brown v. Board of Education: Did It Make Any Difference?

January 08, 2002 // 11:00pm
United States Studies

American Arabs: History, Identity, Assimilation, Participation

October 31, 2001 // 11:00pm
United States Studies

Director's Forum with Ambassador Chrétien

April 29, 1999 // 10:00am12:00pm
Canada Institute
At a Director’s Forum, Canadian Ambassador Raymond Chrétien delivered an address concerning the border, trade, the North American economy, the environment, and international politics to the Wilson Center.

American Muslims Since 9/11

United States Studies