Past Events

1700 Years and Counting

December 05, 2000 // 11:00pm
Asia Program

Remote Sensing and Environmental Treaties: Building More Effective Linkages

December 04, 2000 // 12:00amDecember 03, 2000 // 11:00pm
Environmental Change and Security Program

Evolution of Center-Periphery Relations

November 30, 2000 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute

Migration and Environment in Developing Countries

November 29, 2000 // 11:00pm
Environmental Change and Security Program

Exploring Islamic Feminism

November 29, 2000 // 11:00pm
Middle East Program
with Margot Badran, Visiting Research Professor, Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University

National Security and Foreign Policy under Putin

November 26, 2000 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute

Freshman Members of Congress Matter More Today Than Ever

November 16, 2000 // 11:00pm
Congress Project

Globalization and Ecological Security: The Next Twenty Years

November 15, 2000 // 11:00pm
Environmental Change and Security Program

Globalization and the Russian Transition

November 05, 2000 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute



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Meetings listed on this page are free and open to the public. Reservations are not required unless otherwise noted. All meetings take place at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Please see map and directions. Allow time for routine security procedures. A photo ID is required for entry.

To confirm time and place, contact Maria-Stella Gatzoulis on the day of the event: tel. (202) 691-4188. Check this page for the latest updates and notices.