Past Events

The Biotech Quagmire: Next Steps in the Genetically Modified Food Debate Between America & Europe

February 12, 2002 // 11:00pm
Environmental Change and Security Program

A Congressional View of U.S. Policy in the Balkans

February 12, 2002 // 11:00pm
Global Europe Program
Robert Hand, Senior Analyst, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Pakistan---A Vision for the Future

February 11, 2002 // 11:00pm
Asia Program
Transcript of Speech by President Musharraf

Defining Terrorism: Is One Man's Terrorist Really Another Man's Freedom Fighter?

February 11, 2002 // 11:00pm
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
Larry C. Johnson, BERG Associates, LLC, Consultant and Ambassador Phillip C. Wilcox, Jr., Foundation for Middle East Peace

Women's Political Activism and Post-Soviet Gender Culture in Russia

February 10, 2002 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

February 10, 2002 // 11:00pm
International Security Studies

Committee Leadership in Congress

February 07, 2002 // 11:00pm
Congress Project

The New Relationship between the Congress and the President of Mexico

February 06, 2002 // 11:00pm
Latin American Program

The Influence of National Policy on the Regions of Russia

February 06, 2002 // 11:00pm
Kennan Institute


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Meetings listed on this page are free and open to the public. Reservations are not required unless otherwise noted. All meetings take place at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Please see map and directions. Allow time for routine security procedures. A photo ID is required for entry.

To confirm time and place, contact Maria-Stella Gatzoulis on the day of the event: tel. (202) 691-4188. Check this page for the latest updates and notices.