Past Events

UNESCO and the United States: Together Again?

February 05, 2002 // 11:00pm
Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity
Koichiro Matsuura, Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO)

The East European Economies Before EU Enlargement

February 05, 2002 // 11:00pm
Global Europe Program
Keith Crane, Research Director for PlanEcon and Editor of PlanEcon Trade and Finance Reviews

America and Asia: National Security Policy Perspectives

January 31, 2002 // 11:00pm
Asia Program

The Euro: Implications for the European Economy and the U.S.

January 31, 2002 // 11:00pm
Program on America and the Global Economy

Powering Up the Dragon: World Bank and NGO Energy Efficiency Projects in China

January 31, 2002 // 11:00pm
China Environment Forum

Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and Deportation: How Vohynia Became West Ukraine, 1939-1946

January 31, 2002 // 2:30am4:30pm
Global Europe Program
Timothy Snyder and Robert M. PonichteraCosponsored with the Wilson Center's Kennan Institute

Brazilian Environmental Policy: A Dialogue With The President of IBAMA

January 30, 2002 // 11:00pm
Latin American Program

An Informal Discussion with Kuwaiti Women's Rights Activists

January 29, 2002 // 11:00pm
Middle East Program


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