Middle East and North Africa Experts

Middle East Bureau Chief, The Economist
Professor, Georgetown University
Joseph Sassoon teaches at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, part of the School for Foreign Service at Georgetown University. His expertise includes, history, politics and political economy of the Arab world. He has published three books, the last one won the British-Kuwait Prize for the best book on the Middle East in 2013, and was titled: Saddam Hussein's Ba`th Party: Inside an Author...
Professor of Public Policy and Administration, School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, The American University in Cairo
Associate Professor of Political Science, Indiana University
Abdulkader Sinno is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, and a 2014-15 Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center. He received his PhD from UCLA in 2002, was a CISAC Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University and a 2009 Carnegie Scholar. His first book, Organizations at War in Afghanistan and Beyond (Cornell University Press, 2008; 201...
Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations; Former Iraqi Ambassador to the United States
Samir Sumaida'ie was born in Baghdad in 1944. After having graduated from Durham University, UK, he started and ran a design business in London. Sumaida'ie was a leader in  the opposition to Saddam Hussain. After returning from exile, he became a member of the Governing Council in 2002, then the Minister of Interior in 2004 and Permanent Representative to the UN in 2004 until 2006, an...
Professor of History, University of Michigan
RONALD GRIGOR SUNY is the Charles Tilly Collegiate Professor of Social and Political History and Emeritus Professor of Political Science and History at the University of Chicago.  He is the author of The Baku Commune, 1917-1918:  Class and Nationality in the Russian Revolution (Princeton University Press, 1972); Armenia in the Twentieth Century (Scholars Press, 1983); The Making of the G...
Senior Fellow, Harriman Institute
Former Congressional Correspondent, New York Times; Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief, The Hill Newspaper.
Staff Writer for the Middle East, diplomacy, and national security, The Washington Post
Professor of Communication, University of Haifa, Israel.
Gabriel Weimann is a Full Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication at Haifa University, Israel.  His research interests include the study of media effects, political campaigns, new media technologies and their social impact, persuasion and influence, media and public opinion, modern terrorism and the mass media. He published eight books: Communicating Unreality (Los Angel...