Ukraine Experts

Independent Scholar
Associate Professor, Uzhgorod National University
Senior Lecturer, The Hebrew University
Professor, Department of History, University of ALabama at Birmingham
Administrative Secretary, MA, Univ. of Helskinki, Rector’s office
Former U.S. Executive Director and Alternate Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
Meg Lundsager currently consults on international economic, financial, and regulatory issues.  While United States’ Executive Director on the International Monetary Fund Executive Board (2007-2014), she focused on achieving effective IMF input into lending programs in Europe, securing adequate IMF resources, supporting low income countries, and strengthening IMF oversight of exchange ra...
Senior Research Fellow, Harvard University
Researcher, Ukrainian Academy of State Management
Associate professor at Ostroh Academy
Former Visiting Assistant Professor, Columbia University
Jared McBride received his BA in history summa cum laude at Northeastern University in 2004 and completed his Ph.D. in history at UCLA in fall 2014. His work specializes in the regions of Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe in the 20th century and research interests include borderlands studies, nationalist movements, mass violence and genocide, the Holocaust, inter-ethnic conflict, and war crimes...