Latin America News

Guatemala’s former Vice President Eduardo Stein bids for top job at troubled OAS

Nov 19, 2014
This article discusses the Latin American Program's October 16th event on the OAS Leadership transition, which featured the Honorable Eduardo Stein Barillas.

What Qualities Must a New OAS Secretary General Have?

Nov 19, 2014
In this news publication for the Inter-American Dialogue, Cynthia Arnson shares her thoughts on the OAS Secretary General race.

Fresh surge of migrants possible if news stirs hope, some predict

Nov 19, 2014
Eric Olson is quoted in this article about the potential impact of President Obama's immigration reform on migration from Central America.

El proceso de paz, en coma inducido

Nov 17, 2014
In this article, Latin American Program Global Fellow Juan Carlos Garzón discusses the recent breakdown of Colombia's peace process following the guerrillas' seizure of an army general . This article is in Spanish.

Preserving the Amazon: A Race Against Time

Nov 13, 2014
Researchers from the United States and the state of São Paulo met at a FAPESP (Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo) symposium in Washington, DC to present the latest findings from their studies of the Amazon. The “FAPESP-U.S. Collaborative Research on the Amazon” meeting was organized in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and the Brazil Institute of the Wilson Center. One of the featured speakers was noted biodiversity expert, Tom Lovejoy. We spoke with him about the state of the Amazon and efforts to preserve its endangered ecosystem.

Heine: "No hemos recibido ningún reclamo de China por negociación del TPP"

Nov 12, 2014
In this article, Latin American Program Global Fellow Jorge Heine discusses how the TPP affects the relationship between China and Chile. This article is in Spanish.

Josefina Vázquez Mota Named Public Policy Scholar at Wilson Center's Mexico Institute

Nov 07, 2014
The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars is pleased to announce the appointment of Josefina Vázquez Mota as a Public Policy Scholar with the Mexico Institute. Vázquez Mota will work closely with the Mexico Institute on issues of the border, migration, and migrants.

Duncan Wood and Alejandro Hope on Mexico’s drug cartels and ongoing violence

Nov 07, 2014
Director Duncan Wood and Alejandro Hope discuss the ongoing violence and what Mexico is doing to combat the cartels on CCTV America's The Heat.

OAS Roundtable Debated Importance of Effective Links between Academics and Politics

Nov 06, 2014
These article summaries the discussion held at the 62nd Policy Roundtable of the Organization of American States on the need for productive relationships between academics and public policy makers in the area of international relations. Cynthia Arnson Director of the Latin American Program moderated as panelists discussed Public Policy Scholar Abraham F. Lowenthal’s book on this topic.

Latinoamérica gira hacia una mayor liberalización social

Nov 05, 2014
Latin American Program Fellow Joseph Tulchin is quoted in this article about growing social liberalization in Latin America. This article is in Spanish.