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The Woodrow Wilson Center Announces 2015 – 2016 Fellowship Class

Jul 02, 2015
Jane Harman, Director, President and CEO of the Wilson Center, announced the members of the 2015-2016 fellowship class today. The 19 fellows include scholars and practitioners from the United States, Australia, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

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Obama Gets Osama: Nothing Succeeds Like Success

May 02, 2011
The tracking down and killing of Osama bin Laden will carry significant consequences for America's Middle East and counter-terrorism strategy, but none as important as the actual success of the operation. Public Policy Scholar Aaron David Miller explores what it means for U.S. reception in the Arab world.

CWIHP Off-site Workshop

May 02, 2011
The workshop Interkit aims to shed new light on the mechanisms of cooperation and conflicts within the socialist world, and to answer the question: how differences in political and cultural traditions and geopolitical locations interacted under the influence of the Soviet Union.

New Book from Former Wilson Center Fellow Pardis Mahdavi

May 02, 2011
Gridlock: Labor, Migration, and Human Trafficking in Dubai by Pardis Mahdavi, former Wilson Center Fellow and Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Pomona College, was just released.

Director, President, and CEO Jane Harman Discusses Security Implications in White House Energy Security Forum

Apr 27, 2011
Woodrow Wilson Center Director, President, and CEO Jane Harman joined U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman, and other security and energy experts on a panel discussion on the national security implications of America's oil dependency on April 26 at the White House. The forum highlighted the ongoing collaboration between the Departments of Energy and Defense and the important role clean energy research and technologies are playing in reducing our dependence on oil and protecting U.S. armed forces.

The Wilson Quarterly


Kubra in her workshop. (Photo by Justin Sutcliffe/Polaris)

As the U.S. prepares to withdraw from the longest war in its history, a look at the lives changed, promises made, and ideas shaped by war in Afghanistan.


The Future of Higher Education

Mar 26, 2014Apr 02, 2014

Jeff Abernathy and Richard Morrill discuss how colleges and universities are dealing with rapidly rising costs and how the United States can still compete for students in a globalized environment.