FARC negotiator Pablo Catatumbo said that the recent deadly army raid represented a “step back,” but that the progress made since Colombia’s peace process talks began in 2012 should not be “thrown overboard.” A new survey of Colombian citizens seeks to inform the process by providing information on public opinion regarding transitional justice, trust, and overall support for negotiations. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

"The ministry, aided by a pliant judiciary, may be trying to make an example of Mr. Rezaian. His experience serves as a warning to other Iranians or dual nationals who work for foreign news agencies in Iran or universities and think tanks abroad," writes Haleh Esfandiari. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

A new poll from the Wilson Center's Synthetic Biology Project finds Americans ambivalent about an emerging technology that allows for precise genetic edits to be made to human and animal DNA and then passed down from generation to generation. Still, many respondents support a moratorium on human-based research until safeguards can be put into place. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

  • Eleonore Pauwels

    Eleonore Pauwels

    Senior Program Associate/Researcher, Science and Technology Innovation Program
  • Todd Kuiken, Ph.D.

    Todd Kuiken, Ph.D.

    Senior Program Associate, Science and Technology Innovation Program

In a commencement speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, President Obama said “climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and...will impact how our military defends our country.” Read More

Wilson Center Experts

  • Roger-Mark De Souza

    Roger-Mark De Souza

    Director of Population, Environmental Security and Resilience

  • Schuyler Null

    Schuyler Null

    Web Editor and Writer/Editor, Environmental Change and Security Program

"Yemen couldn’t be a worse place to put the American Gulf security plan to the test. It is a certified failed state with an impeccable record of sucking outside powers into a treacherous tribal quicksand," writes David Ottaway. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

Former scholar Rami Khouri analyzes the many causes in the past two generations that converged to give birth to ISIS, noting that it reflects more the poor and often brutal quality of modern Arab statehood than any mass religious movement. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

The Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program unveiled the Chinese Foreign Policy Database, an online resource containing nearly 1,500 declassified documents on the international relations of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since 1949. The freely-accessible database fills the critical need for sources and reliable information relating to China’s foreign policies. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

  • Charles Kraus

    Charles Kraus

    Program Associate
  • Christian F. Ostermann

    Christian F. Ostermann

    Director, History and Public Policy Program; Global Europe; Cold War International History Project; North Korea Documentation Project; Nuclear Proliferation International History Project

This year’s annual parade commemorating victory in World War II is of particular significance, falling on the 70th anniversary of the end of the war, and at a time of tangible Russian isolation by fellow Europeans. In this Ground Truth Briefing, three experts comment on this historical moment in Western and Russian relations. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

More Research, Analysis and Commentary

<a href="/article/beyond-google-the-dark-side-the-internet">Beyond Google: The Dark Side of the Internet</a>


Beyond Google: The Dark Side of the Internet

The number of non-indexed internet sites is estimated to be 500 times larger than what a search engine can reveal. Wilson Center Public Policy Fellow Daniel Sui is attempting to uncover the dark side of the Internet that is a conduit for all types of illegal and often dangerous activity. Read More

<a href="http://wilsonquarterly.com/quarterly/spring-2015-american-fissures/great-war-among-brothers-this-earth/">A Great War Among the Brothers of this Earth</a>

Race in America

A Great War Among the Brothers of this Earth

With the murder of Malcolm X, the Selma-to-Montgomery march, and the passage of the Voting Rights Act, 1965 was a pivotal year in American history. What lessons does it hold for America in 2015? Read More

<a href="/event/re-engaging-the-united-states-asia-tpp-aiib-and-competing-frameworks-the-region">Re-Engaging the United States in Asia</a>


Re-Engaging the United States in Asia

From the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, new economic relations and partnerships are being established across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. How the U.S. could utilize existing frameworks, or suggest alternatives, to sustain and expand regional ties remains unclear. Read More

<a href="/event/the-estonia-model-why-free-and-secure-internet-matters">The Estonia Model: Why a Free and Secure Internet Matters</a>


The Estonia Model: Why a Free and Secure Internet Matters

Estonia's President Toomas Hendrik Ilves on the state of cybersecurity, privacy, and the digital economy. Read More


Confronting Terror-affiliated Hacktivists

<a href="/publication/confronting-terror-affiliated-hacktivists">Confronting Terror-affiliated Hacktivists</a>

Confronting Terror-affiliated Hacktivists

The cyberthreat posed by terror groups today looks less like war than hacktivism—the use of online subversion or sabotage, often by loosely networked actors, to boost a political agenda.

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  • Obama's recent Jewish outreach is "about walking back what was clearly an unsustainable row with Israel," says Miller t.co/qSvfwq3Jol
  • Miller on why Obama’s recent outreach to the US Jewish community "isn’t going to amount to much of anything at all" t.co/yhAzkJgqsL

Alumni News

<a href="/">Maria Ivanova</a>

Maria Ivanova

a 2010 Wilson Center Fellow, was just named an Andrew Carnegie Fellow and is among a group of extraordinary scholars addressing urgent challenges to US democracy and international order.

<a href="/">Helene Cooper</a>

Helene Cooper

2013 public policy scholar won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for international reporting on the Ebola virus along with 6 of her colleagues at The New York Times.

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Kubra in her workshop. (Photo by Justin Sutcliffe/Polaris)

As the U.S. prepares to withdraw from the longest war in its history, a look at the lives changed, promises made, and ideas shaped by war in Afghanistan.