Unless you are on the inside and in touch with the rhythm of the talks, it’s tough to assess matters accurately, but here are five reasons to think a deal may be closer than ever according to Aaron David Miller. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

Environmental change, demographic pressure, horrifying inequity. Instead of focusing on infrastructure and high visibility projects, the next aid package for Pakistan should address underlying structural issues affecting people every day. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

In this live webcast, experts from the worlds of war, law, and Congress discuss how legislators can shape national security strategy while guarding their constitutional authority to declare war. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

  • Jane Harman

    Jane Harman

    Director, President and CEO, Wilson Center

"The world confronts a radicalized version and vision of Islam that requires a military and political approach. This isn’t something that Washington can fix quickly or comprehensively," writes Aaron David Miller. Read More

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While millions of Brazilians are singing and dancing in the streets in the pre-lent festival of Carnaval, there is no way to escape the harsh realities of a government paralyzed by division, scandals, and an economy on the verge of recession. Read More

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"Zimbabwe is expiring, again. More banks are failing, beer sales – a key indicator – have slumped dramatically since 2013, tourist arrivals are down, and the business confidence index is at lowest ebb since the wildly inflationary days of 2008," writes Robert Rotberg. Read More

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The 10th Annual Ion Ratiu Democracy Award Workshop on Ukrainian Democracy After the Maidan featured keynote remarks from the 2014 recipient of the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award, Mustafa Nayyem, a journalist, democracy activist and Parliamentarian in Ukraine.  Read More

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"Annual reports of breaches have increased roughly five-fold since 2009, and the seriousness of those breaches is rising, causing significant economic damage,” said Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism during this address at the Center where she announced a new agency designed to coordinate cyberthreat intel. Read More

Wilson Center Experts

  • Jane Harman

    Jane Harman

    Director, President and CEO, Wilson Center
  • Meg King

    Meg King

    National Security Advisor to the Director, President, and CEO

More Research, Analysis and Commentary

<a href="https://www.securityconference.de/en/">Jane Harman Moderates Panel at Munich Security Conference</a>


Jane Harman Moderates Panel at Munich Security Conference

Director Harman moderated a conversation at the Munich Security Conference titled “The Conflict in Ukraine and European Security” with the Presidents of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Finland.  Read More

<a href="/article/food-security-population-dynamics-the-sahel">Food Security &amp; Population Dynamics in the Sahel</a>

Food Security

Food Security & Population Dynamics in the Sahel

Africa’s Sahel region is one of the harshest environments on the planet with one of the highest birth rates. Food security, particularly when combined with population dynamics and the impact of climate change, is a monumental challenge. Read More

<a href="/article/the-us-mexico-border-reporting-economy-transition">The U.S.-Mexico Border Economy in Transition</a>

U.S.-Mexico Border

The U.S.-Mexico Border Economy in Transition

A new report, “The U.S.-Mexico Border economy in Transition” provides insight into day-to-day life and commerce along the border, and provides recommendations to strengthen competitiveness. In this episode of NOW, the Mexico Institute's Chris Wilson describes the unique process behind the report and some of the best ideas emerging from the year-long project. Read More

<a href="http://www.newsecuritybeat.org/2015/01/broken-landscape-confronting-indias-water-energy-choke-point/">Confronting India’s Water-Energy Choke Point</a>


Confronting India’s Water-Energy Choke Point

In India’s resource-rich Meghalaya State, demand for coal is transforming the environment and the people who depend on it. 'Broken Landscape,' a new film by the Wilson Center, examines the lives of those on the front lines of this water-energy choke point. Read More


China in Space: How Europe and the United States Can Align Their Views and Boost Cooperation

<a href="/publication/china-space-how-europe-and-the-united-states-can-align-their-views-and-boost-cooperation">China in Space: How Europe and the United States Can Align Their Views and Boost Cooperation</a>

China in Space: How Europe and the United States Can Align Their Views and Boost Cooperation

The U.S. and Europe should create a dialogue about China and space, and should also work on joint projects to establish standards for uses of space that all three parties can respect

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Alumni News

<a href="/">Maleeha Lodhi</a>

Maleeha Lodhi

Public Policy Scholar from 2009-2010, was appointed Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

<a href="/">Peter Finn</a>

Peter Finn

2012 public policy scholar's book The Zhivago Affair was named one of 50 notable nonfiction works of 2014 by The Washington Post.

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Kubra in her workshop. (Photo by Justin Sutcliffe/Polaris)

As the U.S. prepares to withdraw from the longest war in its history, a look at the lives changed, promises made, and ideas shaped by war in Afghanistan.