This month, Pakistan has experienced its most serious political crisis in years. While the outcome of the protests remains uncertain, this much is clear: The Pakistani military is the big winner. This is bad news for Pakistan's fragile democracy -- but also for fragile Afghanistan. Read More

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By destroying opportunities and services for youth in a place where both are hard to come by, every violent exchange between Hamas and Israel darkens an already bleak future for Gazan youth, subverting stability in the region for decades to come. Read More

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Dr. Monde Muyangwa provides an in-depth analysis on summit expectations, tangible outcomes followings its closure, and recommendations for next steps the U.S. should take to ensure sustainable engagement with Africa. Read More

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In 1989, China's government made a choice to combine political repression, a market economy, and globalization. How should we view the results? Read More

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"As the U.S. nears 100 airstrikes, it’s still unclear how far Washington is prepared to go to deal with those threats or what its long-term strategy may be… there’s certainly very little guidance in those CENTCOM emails about how much difference these U.S. airstrikes are making," writes Robin WrightRead More

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The fight for control over “the most dangerous dam in the world” is raging in Iraq. But from its use as a weapon of war, a driver, and potential peacebuilding tool, water factors into conflict in ways that defy easy classification. Read More

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"It's hard to see how the United States can pursue much longer an Iraq-only response to the increasingly regional threat of ISIL. That's exactly why Congressional action is essential: not to endorse mission creep, but to limit it," writes Jane HarmanRead More

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  • Jane Harman

    Jane Harman

    Director, President and CEO, Wilson Center

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<a href="/publication/how-to-address-child-migration-central-america">How to Address Child Migration from Central America</a>

Unaccompanied Minors

How to Address Child Migration from Central America

In this policy brief, Eric Olson writes that the United States, while taking steps to deter further migration, should also focus intensively on the long term factors driving the crisis such as chronic violence, economic despair, official corruption, and the pull of family reunification. Read More

<a href="">India&#039;s Faltering Energy Production</a>

India Energy

India's Faltering Energy Production

In three long reporting trips to India since 2012, Circle of Blue and the Wilson Center have documented a cycle of risk involving water, energy, and food that is harming India’s environment, slowing its economy, and impeding its development. Read More

<a href="/article/the-potential-and-challenge-gene-drives">The Potential and Challenge of Gene Drives</a>

Synthetic Biology

The Potential and Challenge of Gene Drives

A cross-disciplinary team is calling for public discussion about a potential new way to solve longstanding global ecological problems by using an emerging technology called "gene drives." Read More

<a href="/article/dhs-dos-and-donts-cybersecurity">DHS &#039;Dos and Don&#039;ts&#039; on Cybersecurity</a>


DHS 'Dos and Don'ts' on Cybersecurity

"For most people, cybersecurity is a complicated subject – especially when the government is involved.  But it doesn’t have to be.  What exactly is your government doing to keep you safe?  Here’s what DHS is and isn’t doing to protect against a cyber “Pearl Harbor,” writes Meg King.  Read More


Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition

<a href="/book/energy-and-security-strategies-for-world-transition">Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition</a>

The second, completely updated edition of this widely read and respected guide is the most authoritative survey available on the perennial question of energy security.

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  • How important is it for Afghanistan to have a new president before the NATO summit starting on September 4?
  • What does Abdullah's pullout from the Afghanistan election audit mean? @MichaelKugelman explains:

Alumni News

Peter Finn

Peter Finn

recently published The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, and the Battle Over a Forbidden Book which he worked on while a public policy scholar in 2012. 


<a href="/">Henri Barkey</a>

Henri Barkey

Public Policy Scholar from 2007, recently published a commentary Turkey after Erdogan's Non-Victory.


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Kubra in her workshop. (Photo by Justin Sutcliffe/Polaris)

As the U.S. prepares to withdraw from the longest war in its history, a look at the lives changed, promises made, and ideas shaped by war in Afghanistan.