Towards Peace in Burundi

With Howard Wolpe, Director of the Woodrow Wilson Center Africa Program, and former Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region
Paul Kagame

The Darling Dictator of the Day

In Rwanda, economic progress has come at the cost of democracy, with disenfranchisement especially high among youth, Wilson Center fellow Marc Sommers argues in a New York Times op-ed. President Paul Kagame’s virtual dictatorship may also be guilty of intimidating opposition politicians and journalists, Sommers says.

Global Drug Trafficking: Africa's Expanding Role

Africa's role in the drug trafficking industry is a strong testament to the interplay of supply and demand market expansion, to the hybridization of transnational organized crime syndicates, as well as to the need for a paradigm shift in domestic, regional and international approaches to drug trafficking interdiction. On May 28, 2009, the Africa Program of the Woodrow Wilson Center convened a conference to assess the situation of international drug trafficking and the increasingly important role that Africa plays.

Internships available NOW with the Africa Program at The Wilson Center!

The Wilson Center's Africa Program is looking for summer interns to start immediately! If you have a passion for African development, politics, and U.S./Africa relations,we encourage you to apply today.

Africa Program Policy Briefs

A series of short publications covering timely and salient subjects to Africa and Africa-related policy.

Progress Building Democracy in Nigeria

A speech and Q&A with H.E. Atiku Abubakar, Vice President of Nigeria, in which he discussed progress made since the advent of multiparty democracy in 1999. He discussed the 2007 presidential elections, U.S.-Nigeria relations and outlined his vision for continued reform in Nigeria.


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