New USAID Report on Community Based Leadership Program Activities in Burundi

Recent reports from USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) describe the impact that the Community-Based Leadership Program (CBLP) is having on local communities in Burundi. The CBLP is a component of the Africa Program's initiative to implement leadership training in Burundi.

Africa: Waging Peace

Steve Mcdonald, Consulting Program Director with the Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity and the Africa Project at the Woodrow Wilson Center speaks on the challenges and successes of the Burundi Leadership Training Project. Ending warfare in the developing world and establishing democracy has proven to be a difficult task. Holding "free and fair" elections is essential to building stability but much more is required for sustained peace. Participants must learn to trust one another and to view political power as something that must be shared. View this interview on the Wilson Center's dialogue Radio and Television website.

Elections Guide

The Elections Guide is an initiative launched by the Wilson Center’s Africa Program in 2013 with the aim of keeping you informed of all national elections taking place in Africa. Through research, analysis, and election data, the Elections Guide is a resource for anyone interested and presents key information in a comprehensive and objective way.

South Africa and the United States: A Post-Election Prognosis

Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Ambassador Johnnie Carson discussed the Obama Administration’s strong commitment to South Africa and spoke of the administration’s desire to build upon existing areas of cooperation. Carson described South Africa as the economic locomotive crucial to Africa’s long-term growth and stability. He praised the country’s commitment to democracy and rule of law, noting that South Africa’s record of success serves as a powerful example to other African governments. Carson emphasized the importance of economic partnership as being at the heart of US-South African relations.


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