World as Witness: Crisis in Darfur

With John Prendergast, Advisor to the President of the International Crisis Group, and leading expert on Sudan.

Solving the Crisis in Darfur

A powerpoint presentation about the Darfur conflict, goals, problems, and challenges faced by the international community given at the Woodrow Wilson Center Director's Forum on April 5, 2006.

Goma (Congo): Officers from different brigades confer

There are about fifty of them. They come from integrated, non-integrated, and mixed army units, all from the 8th military region. The objective of their meeting, the first of its kind, is to discuss and to find solutions to the problems and tensions that divide the FARDC troops (Congolese army) in North Kivu, reports

Nouvelles du BLTP No. 4

Description of an cooperative development capacity-building initiative and agricultural training launched by the BLTP in Mbuye, French only. Published in April, 2005.


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