This Week on Dialogue TV: Faces of the Future

Ugandan, Nigerian and Senegalese scholars will talk about the next generation of developing world leaders on the Wilson Center's award-winning television series this week, as part of a panel of five recent recipients of Ford Foundation fellowships.

Understanding Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation: Lessons and Strategies from Eastern Africa

Report on this Environmental Change and Security Project and Africa Program event by Voice of America's Michael Bowman. Filed on November 11, 2004. Tune in via the Voice of America website or by following the link below.

MacArthur Fellow Amory Lovins Proposes Plan to Eliminate U.S. Oil Use

JULY 2005--Watch the archived webcast of Winning the Oil Endgame

Tackling Youth Unemployment in Kenya

Kenya's youth unemployment rate stands at 65%, among the highest in the world. OSI New African Voices Scholar Margaret Wamuyu Muthee explains why Kenya must either find a solution before its 2012 elections fast-approaching or risk renewed violence.



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