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Not Another America

December 12, 1999 // 11:00pm

Statistics as a Tool for Building Democracy?

December 08, 1999 // 11:00pm

Historical Legacy Sours China-ASEAN Dialogue

December 06, 1999 // 11:00pm

Political Transition in Afghanistan:The State, Islam and Civil Society

December 31, 1969 // 2:00pmApril 20, 2004 // 12:00am
H.E. Said Tayeb Jawad, Afghan Ambassador to the United States;William Maley, Australian National University; Thomas Barfield, Boston University; Sima Wali, Refugee Women in Development; Neamat Nojumi, Harvard Law School; Marvin Weinbaum, Middle East InstituteRead the Special Report in PDF Format


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