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Cries of Anguish: A Report on Pakistan's FATA

April 13, 2009 // 4:00pm5:15pm
Speaker: Khalid Aziz, Director, Institutional Capacity-Building, FATA Secretariat

Detached Engagement: India and the Middle East

April 01, 2009 // 4:00pm5:15pm
P R Kumaraswamy, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Is Japan a Dependable Ally?

March 24, 2009 // 4:00pm5:30pm
Isao Miyaoka Wilson Center Japan Scholar, Associate Professor Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University

Taiwan and the Global Economic Storm

March 18, 2009 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Peter Chow, Professor of Economics, City College of New York; Yu-long Ling, Professor of Political Science, Franklin College; Thomas Bellows, Professor of Political Science, University of Texas at San Antonio; T.Y. Wang, Professor of Political Science, Illinois State University

South Korea Views the Rise of China

March 09, 2009 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Scott Snyder, Director, Center for U.S.-Korea Policy, Asia Foundation; L. Gordon Flake, Executive Director, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation; Victor Cha, Director of Asian studies, Georgetown University; Samuel S. Kim, Senior Research Scholar, Columbia University

Book Launch: Pakistan and Bangladesh: Flirting with Failure in South Asia

March 02, 2009 // 3:00pm4:15pm
William B. Milam, Senior Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center

New Kids on the Block: Chinese Oil and Mining Companies Go Global

February 25, 2009 // 8:15am9:30am
Jill Shankleman, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan: Compensation, Aid, and Relief Efforts

February 18, 2009 // 3:00pm4:30pm
Erica Gaston, fellow, Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC); Dennis Kux, Senior Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center (commentator)

Selig S. Harrison Reports on his Trip to Pyongyang

February 04, 2009 // 3:00pm4:15pm
Selig S. Harrison, Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center

Storm Clouds Ahead for the "All-Weather Allies"? Today's Pakistan-China Relationship

January 26, 2009 // 2:30pm4:30pm
Tarique Niazi, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; Ziad Haider, Harvard University; Jing-dong Yuan, Monterey Institute; Riaz Mohammad Khan, Pakistan Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center



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