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Regime Change? The Emergence and Future of the Democratic Party of Japan

July 21, 2009 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Richard Katz, The Oriental Economist; Ko Maeda, University of North Texas; Daniel Sneider, Stanford University.

Briefing on Internal Displacement and Relief Efforts in Northwest Pakistan

June 18, 2009 // 11:00am12:15pm
Todd Shea, executive director, CDRS Pakistan

Australia and the Rise of China: Strategic and Policy Implications

June 16, 2009 // 4:00pm5:15pm
Speaker: Richard C. Smith, Wilson Center Australian Scholar

South Korea's Free Trade Strategy

June 08, 2009 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Simone Chun, Suffolk University; Jaemin Lee, Hanyang University (Seoul); Troy Stangarone, Korea Economic Institute

Hunger Pains: Pakistan's Food Insecurity

June 03, 2009 // 8:45am4:00pm
Nearly half of Pakistan's population is food insecure, while hunger and malnutrition-related disease are widespread. Conference participants discuss the magnitude and manifestations of Pakistan's food insecurity, identify its possible causes, and consider ways forward.

To Live or to Perish Forever: Two Tumultuous Years in Pakistan

May 26, 2009 // 11:30am12:45pm
Nicholas Schmidle, Fellow, New America Foundation

The Art of Walking on Two Legs: Stakeholder and Challenger Elements in China's National Security Strategy after the Cold War

May 20, 2009 // 4:00pm5:15pm
Speaker: Liselotte Odgaard, Wilson Center fellow

Cultural Democratization in East Asia

May 13, 2009 // 4:00pm5:15pm
Speaker: Doh C. Shin Wilson Center Fellow; Comments by Eric Bjornlund, principal, Democracy International

Land Grab: The Race for the World's Farmland

May 05, 2009 // 9:00am1:00pm
With increasing frequency, wealthy, food-importing, and water-scarce countries are investing in farmland overseas to meet food security needs. The Wilson Center hosts a half-day conference examining the patterns and implications of these investments, and highlighting case studies.

Will the Real Taiwan Please Stand Up?

April 27, 2009 // 3:30pm5:30pm
Speakers: Melissa J. Brown, Stanford University; J. Megan Greene, University of Kansas; Emerson Niou, Duke University; Steven Goldstein, Smith College


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