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First time in Pakistan's history coup-making general has to answer charges

Asia Program Public Policy Scholar Farahnaz Ispahani was interviewed on Voice of Russia regarding charges leveled on former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf.

Greater China: Migration and Chinese Transnational Communities

This Special Report examines the history, structure, and dynamics of Chinese transnational communities.

Program Associate - Asia Program

The Asia Program is currently recruiting for a Program Associate with responsibility for planning and developing conferences and seminars primarily related to Japan and Northeast Asia. For More information please see the full PDF job announcement. Please note the application deadline for this announcement has been extended until May 18, 2012.

Afghanistan Stability: a Pipe Dream?

"The stabilizing role of a post-2014 force - and its overall utility - would be modest at best," writes Michael Kugelman. "Afghanistan's future will largely be determined by domestic political considerations in South Asia that the U.S. has little ability - or desire - to influence."



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