The Next U.S. Administration: Policy Directions and Implications for Canada-U.S. Relations

March 07, 2009 // 7:30am3:45pm
This conference brought together a group of academic specialists in economics, political science, history and environmental studies, as well as several government officials and members of the business community to examine the current policy challenges in the Canada-United States relationship.

Border Challenges and Regional Solutions: 2010 Olympics and the Pacific Northwest Experience

February 24, 2009 // 7:30am3:00pm
The Canada Institute co-hosted a conference exploring how Northern border states and Canadian provinces are developing regional solutions to meet federal border mandates. Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire delivered the keynote address during the conference's luncheon.

Media Briefing on President Obama's Visit to Canada

February 17, 2009 // 7:30am9:00am
In response to President Obama’s first trip to Ottawa for a series of quick meetings to discuss important issues in the bilateral relationship, Paul Frazer and Jodi White of the Wilson Center's Canada Institute Advisory Board offered their thoughts on the visit.

Water Abundance in Canada and the United States: Myth or Reality?

January 26, 2009 // 11:00am1:00pm
For the launch of the 10th One Issue, Two Voices series, authors David Brooks and Tracy Mehan discuss the obstacles and solutions to achieving sustainable water futures in Canada and the United States.

Governing the Climate: Lessons from the National Conference on Climate Governance

January 12, 2009 // 12:30pm2:30pm
The Canada Institute and ECSP, in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute, host a panel discussion on North American climate governance with leading climate change scholars featured at the National Conference on Climate Governance at the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia.

U.S. Alliance Politics: From Special Relationships to Anti-Americanism

December 17, 2008 // 2:30pm4:00pm
At an event organized by the Asia Program and cosponsored by the Canada Institute, Brendon O'Connor discussed the coexistence of countries seeking a “special relationship” with the United States and of increasing anti-Americanism in these countries.

Cooperation at the Canada-U.S. Border: Confronting Challenges and Measuring Progress

December 04, 2008 // 10:30am3:15pm
The Canada Institute hosted a meeting exploring how northern states and Canadian provinces have worked bilaterally to comply with the provisions of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. The event featured a keynote luncheon with remarks from Stewart Baker, Assistant Secretary for Policy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Water Abundance in Canada and the United States: Myth or Reality?

November 21, 2008 // 6:30am9:00am
For the launch of the 10th One Issue, Two Voices series, authors David Brooks and Tracy Mehan discussed the need to redefine effective water management in both Canada and the United States and debated the controversial approaches to achieving it.

The U.S.-Canada Partnership: Strengthening our Economies

November 13, 2008 // 8:00am1:00pm
The Canada Institute supported the U.S. and Canadian Chambers of Commerce's conference, which examined areas crucial to strengthening the economies of the United States and Canada and considered how the countries can work together to deepen the bilateral relationship moving forward.

Canada and the United States: What Does It Mean to Be Good Neighbours?

October 27, 2008 // 7:30am5:00pm
The Canada Institute, along with several partners, co-sponsored the annual conference of the Canadian Defense and Foreign Affairs Institute, which examined outstanding unsettled issues between Canada and the United States from both sides of the border and suggested ways to resolve those issues.