Environmental Health Project Research Brief Translated into Chinese

SEPTEMBER 2007 - "Aquaculture and Environmental Health" is now available on the web in simplified Chinese

Guide to River Flow Management Published in Chinese

SEPTEMBER 2007 - IUCN The World Conservation Union publishes "Flow - the Essentials of Environmental Flows"

Sweetening the Dragon's Breath

China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is developing seven experimental carbon-trading schemes. Anna Petherick looks for clues as to how that’s going.

CES 6 Feature Article, pp. 67-80

Governing Marine and Coastal Environment in China: Building Local Government Capacity Through International Cooperation by Sulan Chen and Juha I.Uitto

CEF Research Published by Other Organizations

A collection of CEF research papers published by other organizations including CSIS, Jamestown Foundation, China Monitor, and others.

CEF Director Quoted in the Congressional Quarterly

DECEMBER 2007 - Dr. Turner Quoted on Climate Change Dialog


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