The Politics of Energy

As gasoline prices remain high across the nation and Congress grapples with creating a national energy policy, the Wilson Center held several meetings exploring energy politics--from the current bill's passage through Congress to Asia's growing demand for natural gas, to the increased need for U.S.-Canada cooperation over the gas supply.

CEF's latest dam interactive map reported by Quartz

CEF has recently released its new interactive map concerning the information of dams in the southwest China.

CES 9 Feature Article, pp. 43-56

Is Guangdong the Dark Horse in Addressing Ecological and Human Health Threats? By Kaleb Brownlow & Stephanie Renzi

‘At the Desert’s Edge’ Gives a Glimpse of China’s Massive Desertification Challenge

Over 27 percent of China's territory now suffers from desertification – more than 1,000,000 square miles, or about one-third of the continental United States – impacting the lives of more than 400 million people.

CEF Director Quoted by the Associated Press

JANUARY 2008 - Dr. Jennifer Turner was quoted regarding China's plastic bag ban

Chinese River Defender Yu Xiaogang Wins 2006 Asia Goldman Prize Winner for Asia

APRIL 2006--Yu Xiaogang, Goldman Prize Winner from Asia

Susan Chan Shifflett and Jennifer Turner's Paper Published on China Economic Report

The water-energy-food choke point is forcing a new 21st century reckoning.


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