Wilson Center Meeting on Taiwan's Environment Appears in the Taipei Times

AUGUST 2007 - The Taipei Times notes Taiwan's EPA Minister Dang's talk at the Woodrow Wilson Center

Final Report for CEF Municipal Financing for Environmental Infrastructure in China Project

A project supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

CES 5 Introduction, p. I-IV; Feature Article, p. 1-12

China's "Go West" Campaign: Ecological Construction or Ecological Exploitation? by Elizabeth Economy

China Eyes Expansion of Electric Cars, With Global Implications for Energy, Climate, Health

APRIL 2009 - CEF's Linden Ellis Reflects on China's Announcement to Become the Largest Producer of Electric Cars

CES 6 Feature Article, pp. 55-66

Bamboo Sprouts After the Rain: The History of University Student Environmental Associations in China by Lu Hongyan

CEF Speaker Publishes Paper on China's Strategic Priorities in International Climate Change Negotiations

NOVEMBER 2007 - Joanna Lewis Piece Published in The Washington Quarterly



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