CEF Coordinator Speaks At State of the World Book Briefing

JANUARY 2006-Jennifer Turner and Lü Zhi coauthored a chapter in State of the World on the NGO movement in China that was presented at the 10th State of the World Briefing.

Beijing Smog Puts China’s Anti-Pollution Policies Under Scrutiny

China has done an “admirable” job of moving coal-fired power plants out of Beijing, Jennifer Turner tells Voice of America. But “they already had a lot of coal plants, and they have been building more.”

CES 8 On the Way Towards Eco-Villages: Upgrading Energy Systems in Rural Hainan

Chinese translation of the above article of the same title. Translated by Lei Bi.

SEPA Upgraded to Ministry of the Environment

MARCH 2008 - Restructuring of the central government highlights environment as priority

CEF Meeting Discussed in AOL Energy Article

AOL Energy’s January 18th article about China’s overseas energy environment recapped CEF’s recent meeting on the environmental and social impacts of China’s Overseas Oil, Mineral and Gas Investments.

ECSP Launches Demography & Security Listserv

OCTOBER 2006--New Forum For Sharing News, Ideas, Research


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