Section 5 - New Evidence on Sino-American Relations and New Evidence on the Vietnam/Indochina Wars

Mao Zedong's Handling of the Taiwan Straits Crisis of 1958: Chinese Recollections and Documents introduction, translations, and annotation by Li Xiaobing, Chen Jian, and David L. Wilson***Khrushchev's Nuclear Promise to Beijing during the Crisis introduction by Vladislav Zubok***Mao Zedong and Dulles's "Peaceful Evolution" Strategy: Revelations from Bo Yibo's Memoirs introduction and translation by Qiang Zhai***The Vietnam War and Soviet-American Relations, 1964-73: New Russian Evidence by Ilya V. Gaiduk***Beijing and the Vietnam Conflict, 1964-1965: New Chinese Evidence article and translations by Qiang Zhai***Polish Secret Peace Initiatives in Vietnam by Jerzy Michalowski***The Cambodian National Archives by Kenton J. Clymer***Sources on the Khmer Rouge Years: The Cambodian Genocide Program***

New From the CWIHP Book Series: Rebellious Satellite: Poland 1956, by Pawel Machcewicz

A new book published by the Woodrow Wilson Center Press narrates the social history of Communism in 1956 Poland.

Report on the Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research By Sutayut Osornprasop (Cambridge University)

Sutayut Osornprasop, a PhD student at Cambridge University and one of the participants at the institute, reports on his experience during the two-day institute June 4-5.

On The Brink Part 6: Final Thoughts on The Cuban Missle Crisis

In our final chapter, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Martin J. Sherwin looks at the big picture of the crisis within the Cold War and offers thoughts on the ultimate lessons learned from the super power standoff.

Call for papers: France and the German Question

Call for papers for "France and the German Question, 1945-1990," February 7-9, 2013