CfP: Open Struggle, Covert Operation and West-East Cold War

Paper proposals are being sought for the conference "Open Struggle, Covert Operation and West-East Cold War," to be held at Shaanxi Normal University from October 19-23, 2014

Extensive Collection of Declassified Materials Now Accessible, Searchable in New Digital Archive

The Wilson Center today launched a new Digital Archive of declassified official documents from nearly 100 different archives in dozens of different countries that provide fresh, unprecedented insights into the history of international relations and diplomacy.The new website features uniquely powerful new search tools, an intuitive user-interface, and new educational resources such as timelines, analysis from leading experts, and biographies of significant historical figures.

Section 4 - Deng Xiaoping and the Cold War

In Memoriam: Deng Xiaoping and the Cold War by David Wolff ***"Look What Chaos in the Beautiful Socialist Camp!" Deng Xiaoping and the Sino-Soviet Split, 1956-1963 by Vladislav Zubok ***Deng Xiaoping, Mao's "Continuous Revolution,"and the Path toward the Sino-Soviet Split by CHEN Jian***Deng Xiaoping's Talks with the Soviet Ambassador and Leadership, 1957-1963***

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969–1976, Volume XVI, Soviet Union August 1974–December 1976

This volume, the final of five covering relations between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Nixon-Ford administrations, presents documentation on how matters as diverse as strategic arms limitation, European security, the Middle East, Jewish emigration, and Angola intersected to influence the course of Soviet-American relations during the presidency of Gerald R. Ford.