Call for papers: France and the German Question

Call for papers for "France and the German Question, 1945-1990," February 7-9, 2013

e-Dossier No. 1

This e-Dossier contained selected documents from CWIHP Bulletin 11, Part 4, "New Evidence on the Korean War." It is available for download on the Bulletin section of the Publications page.

The Origins, Conduct, and Impact of the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988

A CWIHP-NSA Document Reader compiled for the international conference "The Origins, Conduct, and Impact of the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988," Washington, D.C. 19 July 2004

Section 1 - The Cold War in Southern Africa and the Horn of Africa

Havana's Policy in Africa, 1959-76: New Evidence from Cuban Archives by Piero Gleijeses***Fidel Castro's 1977 Southern Africa Tour: A Report to Honecker***Moscow and the Angolan Crisis: A New Pattern of Intervention by Odd Arne Westad***Soviet Documents on Angola and Southern Africa, 1975-1979***Anatomy of a Third World Cold War Crisis: New East-bloc Evidence on the Horn of Africa, 1977-1978 - Introduction by James G. Hershberg***The Horn, the Cold War, and New Documents from the Former East-bloc: An Ethiopian View by Ermias Abebe***Moscow, Mengistu, and the Horn: Difficult Choices for the Kremlin by Paul B. Henze***East Germany and the Horn Crisis: Documents on SED Afrikapolitik by Christian F. Ostermann***Russian and East German Documents on the Horn of Africa, 1977-1978***

New From the CWIHP Book Series: Rebellious Satellite: Poland 1956, by Pawel Machcewicz

A new book published by the Woodrow Wilson Center Press narrates the social history of Communism in 1956 Poland.

American Historical Association's 128th Annual Meeting

The American Historical Association's 128th Annual Meeting will take place in Washington DC from January 2-5, 2014 and features several panels on Cold War history.

Jane Harman and James Person on North Korea's Missile Launch

Jane Harman, Director, President and CEO of the Wilson Center, and James Person, NKIDP Coordinator, write in the LA Times that a nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the West Coast of the United States may be available to North Korea in the near future.

North Vietnam's "Talk-Fight" Strategy and the 1968 Peace Negotiations with the United States

CWIHP is pleased to announce the addition of 13 new documents to its online Digital Archive. In CWIHP e-Dossier No. 33, the newly translated documents reveal the Vietnamese Communist Party's "Talk-Fight" negotiation strategy, first described by First Secretary Le Duan in a 1965 speech and put into action during initial 1968 peace talks.


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