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The Moldovan Communist Party Archives by Jim Hershberg***Moldova, Romania and the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia by Mark Kramer***The Sino-Soviet Alliance: New Publications by David Wolff***Policymakers and the Cold War's End: Micro and Macro Assessments of Contingency by Richard K. Hermann and Richard Ned Lebow***Conference on Cold War Endgame by Fred I. Greenstein and William C. Wohlforth***New Evidence on China, Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War: Conference Report by Priscilla Roberts***Update on the Stasi Archives by Gary Bruce***Western Intelligence Gathering and the Division of German Science by Paul Maddrell***Letters to the Editor***

NPIHP Experts Featured in Italian Documentary

NPIHP Experts Leopoldo Nuti and Vladislav Zubok are featured in a new documentary on the US Jupiter missiles stationed in Italy

Chinese Foreign Ministry Documents on Hungary, 1956

In CWIHP e-Dossier No. 50, Péter Vámos addresses the controversy over the Chinese role in the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. Using documents from the Chinese Foreign Ministry Archive in Beijing, Vámos argues that the official Chinese position was a distortion of actual events.

From the Indian Bomb to the Establishment of the First Brazil-Argentina Nuclear Agreement (1974-1980)

India’s first nuclear explosive test in May 1974 had deep consequences for the nuclear non-proliferation regime. The establishment of the Nuclear Suppliers Group in 1975 added to the safeguards requirements that were imposed on countries seeking nuclear technology—even those that were outside the NPT. This tightening of the nuclear technology transfer regime as a result of India’s 1974 test would have a considerable effect on the Brazilian and Argentine programs.

CWIHP Welcomes Public Policy Scholar Niu Jun

Jun is a professor at Peking University's School of International Studies where he teaches courses on the PRC's foreign relations and foreign policy making process. While he is at the Wilson Center, his research will center on the Cold War and the origin of the PRC's foreign policy between 1949 and 1958.

Bulletin No. 14/15 -- Winter 2003-Spring 2004

New Evidence on North Korea


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