CWIHP in the News: James G. Hershberg on "Just Who Did Smash Communism?"

Former CWIHP director James G. Hershberg published an Op-ed on the end of the Cold War in the 27 June 2004 issue of the Washington Post (page B01). Read the article and the "Live Chat" on

CWIHP Director Christian Ostermann Briefs UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

12/02/02--Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, spoke briefly with staff and scholars at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on December 2.

On the Brink Part 4: The Cuban Missile Crisis 50 Years Later

New research is shedding additional historical light on the Cold War's iconic nuclear standoff between the US and USSR. CONTEXT has been looking back on what we're learning with an eye toward the lessons that apply today. In part 4 of our "On The Brink" series, James Hershberg tells us why new documents show us that, "this is not our parent's Cuban Missile Crisis."

Section 4 - New Evidence on Sino-Soviet Relations

The Emerging Disputes Betwen Beijing and Moscow: Ten Newly Available Chinese Documents, 1956-1958 introduction, translations, and annotations by Zhang Shu Guang and Chen Jian***Mao on Sino-Soviet Relations: Two Conversations with the Soviet Ambassador introduction by Odd Arne Westad***The Soviet Foreign Ministry Appraisal of Sino-Soviet Relations on the Eve of the Split by Mark Kramer***East German Documents on the Sino-Soviet Border Conflict, 1969 by Christian F. Ostermann***The Cold War in Asia: Khabarovsk Conference Held on Russian Far East by David L. Wolff***Soviet Reactions to the Sino-Soviet Border Rift introduction and translations by Elizabeth Wishnick***Sino-Soviet Tensions, 1980: Two Russian Documents introduction and translations by Elizabeth Wishnick***

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Seeking Truth from Facts: Deng Xiaoping's Visit to France in 1975

CWIHP is pleased to announce the release of 4 new documents translated into English for the first time. In CWIHP e-Dossier No. 45, Martin Albers discusses Deng Xiaoping's 1975 visit to France - the first major Western country to fully recognize the People's Republic of China - and the trip's importance to Deng's future economic policy in China.


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