New Evidence on the Polish Crisis 1980-1981

Introduction by Malcolm Byrne ***Jaruzelski, the Soviet Union, and the Imposition of Martial Law in Poland: New Light on the Mystery of December 1981 by Mark Kramer ***The Anoshkin Notebook on the Polish Crisis, December 1981 translation and annotation by Mark Kramer, commentary by Wojciech Jaruzelski ***"The Assistance Of Warsaw Pact Forces Is Not Ruled Out" by Pawel Machcewicz ***Reflections on the Polish Crisis by Francis J. Meehan ***Colonel Kuklinski and the Polish Crisis, 1980-81 by Mark Kramer ***The Czechoslovak Communist Regime and The Polish Crisis 1980-1981 by Oldrich Tuma ***The Hungarian Party Leadership and the Polish Crisis of 1980-1981 by Janos Tischler ***Moscow's Man in the SED Politburo and the Crisis in Poland in Autumn of 1980 by Michael Kubina ***Bulgaria and the Political Crises in Czechoslovakia (1968) and Poland (1980/1981) by Jordan Baev ***"In Case Military Assistance Is Provided To Poland": Soviet Preparations for Military Contingencies, August 1980 introduced and translated by Mark Kramer ***More Documents on the Polish Crisis, 1980-1981***


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