The Rise of Detente

A CWIHP Document Reader compiled for the international conference "NATO, the Warsaw Pact and the Rise of Detente, 1965-1972," Dobiaco/Toblach Italy, 26-28 September 2002

Local Consequences of the Global Cold War

Jeffrey A. Engel turns Cold War diplomatic history upside down by studying how actions of international relations affected local popular life. Each chapter has its origins in a major international issue, and then unfolds the consequences of that issue for some region or city.

Cold War Lessons for Dealing with Russia

CWIHP Public Policy Scholar Sergey Radchenko writes in the National Interest on the situation in Crimea and parallels between the current crisis and the Cold War.

New Evidence from the Former Yugoslav Archives

The Tito-Khrushchev Correspondence, 1954***

Ukrainian Historians Post 10,000 Documents on the Internet

The new digital archive ("D-Archive") of the Ukrainian Center for Research on the Liberation Movement (CDVR) allows for free access over the Internet to more than ten thousand digitized copies of documents from Ukrainian archives.

NPIHP Experts Featured in Italian Documentary

NPIHP Experts Leopoldo Nuti and Vladislav Zubok are featured in a new documentary on the US Jupiter missiles stationed in Italy


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