Marigold: The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam

Marigold presents the first rigorously documented, in-depth story of one of the Vietnam War's last great mysteries: the secret Polish-Italian peace initiative, codenamed "Marigold," that sought to end the war, or at least to open direct talks between Washington and Hanoi, in 1966.

The Cold War in East Asia: 1945-1991 is reviewed in Frontline

The Cold War in East Asia: 1945-1991 by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa is reviewed in Frontline by A.G. Noorani.

Section 1 - The Plenums

The Drama of the Plenums: A Call to Arms by David Wolff ***Declassified Materials from CPSU Central Committee Plenums: Sources, Context, Highlights by Mark Kramer***Central Committee Plenums, 1941-1966: Contents and Implications by Gael Moullec ***CPSU Plenums, Leadership Struggles, and Soviet Cold War Politics by Vladislav Zubok ***Plenum Transcript Excerpts (January 1955, July 1955, March 1956, June 1957)*** Khrushchev's Second Secret Speech by Leo Gluchowski ***

Declassified Documents on Korean Armistice Agreement Featured on the Digital Archive

NKIDP has released a collection of Russian, Chinese, and Polish documents on the armistice negotiations which span the nearly two-year period of talks (July 1951-July 1953). The documents shed new light on North Korean, Soviet, and Chinese strategic thinking toward the conflict and the armistice.

North Korea and the 2018 Olympic Games

North Korea recently hinted that it would be interested in co-hosting the 2018 Olympics with Pyeongchang, South Korea. Though the organizing committee for Pyeongchang rejected the idea as unrealistic, the North’s proposal is not without precedent, as documents obtained by the North Korea International Documentation Project demonstrate.


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