Minority's Motion to Recommit Should Not Be Curtailed

November 12, 2007 By Don Wolfensberger,Roll Call Contributing Writer

President’s ‘Recess’ Picks Set Dangerous Path

President Barack Obama made a controversial move in early January by making four recess appointments to fill vacancies in top government positions, even though Congress was intentionally avoiding long recesses to block such a move. While the recess ploy may score political points by highlighting Senate delays in approving nominations, it is straining constitutional bounds and inter-branch relations.

How Much Did the Yanks Really Split From the Brits in 1776?

July 2, 2007 By Don Wolfensberger,Roll Call Contributing Writer

Individual Privacy in a New Security Age

Privacy issues are at the forefront of public debate, as the U.S. government strives to balance privacy with security. A recent Congress Project seminar delved into this issue.

Lame Ducks Seldom Become Mighty Ducks

Post-election sessions of Congress are usually unproductive and unpredictable. And yet lame-duck sessions have been held in nine of the last ten Congresses, counting this one. It’s a sign of Congress’s growing propensity to procrastinate on even its most routine business. This time the so-called “fiscal cliff” of expiring tax cuts and across-the-board spending cuts threatens another recession if Congress doesn’t act.

What Difference Will It Make if Lobby Reforms Wait Until '07?

October 10, 2006 By Don WolfensbergerRoll Call Contributing Writer