Appropriations Process Wilts in the Sunshine

While the House and Senate appropriations committees were off to a good start this spring in reporting most of their 12 money bills, the process slowed down considerably this summer with a raft of floor amendments. This portends a repeat of last year with no bills enacted by the start of the fiscal year and an omnibus bill wrapping things up well past the deadline, writes Don Wolfensberger in his Procedural Politics column.

First Test of the New Majority: Choosing Rules Wisely

December 4, 2006 By Don Wolfensberger,Roll Call Contributing Writer

House Leaders Throw Blue Dogs a PAYGO Bone

Congress Project Director Don Wolfensberger parses the arbitrary 100-day deadline for Congress's budget resolution and documents the last-minute negotiations that followed it there.

Getting Back to Legislating, Remarks of Don Wolfensberger

Getting Back to Legislating, Remarks of Don Wolfensberger at Bradley University Conference on Returning Civility to Our Public Discourse Tuesday, April 16, 201

No Procedure Can Fix This Tumbling House of Cards

Efforts in Congress to tie the defunding of the president''s Affordable Care Act to funding the government and raising the debt ceiling have tied things in so many knots that only public opinion and national leadership can cut through.



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