Population Growth, Environmental Degradation, and State-Sponsored Violence: The Case of Kenya, 1991-93

January 11, 2000 // 12:00amJanuary 10, 2000 // 11:00pm
Colin H. Kahl, Research Associate, Columbia's Center for International Earth Science Information Network CIESIN; Kent H. Butts, George C. Marshall Chair, Center for Strategic Leadership, U.S. Army War College

Integrating Population, Health, and the Environment: Programs for Adolescents in the Philippines

December 31, 1969 // 2:00pmJune 01, 2004 // 2:00pm
Featuring Roger-Mark De Souza of the Population Reference Bureau and Naida Pasion and David Oot of Save the Children discussing their new partnership project for adolescents in the Philippines.


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