The World's Fresh Water - Have Supplies Peaked?

In an exclusive interview MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Peter Gleick answers questions on growing constraints of freshwater availability, quality, and use.

Climate-Related Conflicts in West Africa

Natural resource-related conflicts are the predominant types of conflict in northern Nigeria, according to research by Anthony Nyong. Predicted climactic changes will affect patterns of distribution and availability, and potentially further exacerbate conflict, he writes.

Environment Key to Resolving Conflicts, Building Peace, Says UN Environment Programme Director Achim Steiner

MAY 2009—YouTube Videos Feature Steiner on Climate Change, Conflict, Cooperation

Choke Point: China's Provincial Water Resources and Use (2002-2010)

Nearly 70 percent of water withdrawn in China is for agriculture, while 20 percent is withdrawn to mine, process, and consume coal. By 2020, China’s water use — driven in large part by the 30 percent expected increase in coal-fired power production — will increase dramatically.

MEDIA ADVISORY: ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko Joins Premier Donors and Social Investors for Conference on Global Social Impact

APRIL 2008—Global Philanthropy Forum to Draw Cutting-Edge Donors, Social Entrepreneurs

Chapter Two: Institutionalizing Responses to Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation

Alexander Carius and Geoffrey D. Dabelko analyze gaps in institutional responses to environment and conflict.

Can the Angolan Military Defuse the AIDS Time Bomb?

"AIDS Warriors" Films Soldiers Fighting the Problems of Peace

Youth Bulge, Underemployment Raise Risks of Civil Conflict

Security brief, online chat examine connections between population and conflict


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