Population, Urbanization, Environment, and Security: A Summary of the Issues

Th author addresses issues including migration to urban centers, the immediate environmental and health impacts of urban pollution on developing country cities, and the link between crime and security.

ECSP Report 13

The 13th issue of the Environmental Change and Security Program Report details the non-traditional security threats and opportunities facing the world today. Complete report.

"New Security Beat" Wins 2011 Global Media Award

Popular blog honored for leading-edge analysis on global environment and security issues, marking third time selected by Population Institute

Post Disaster Recovery and Prevention from the Perspective of the Vietnamese Americans in New Orleans

Paper contribution to the April 2011 seminar on post-disaster community engagement.

New Report Finds Only 2 of China's 10 Most Important Banks Have Public Environmental Policies

MAY 2007 - Report released by Friends of the Earth and BankTrack analyzes the greening efforts of China's banks

Dialogue Features ECSP Speakers and Scholars

Interviews with Sandra Postel, Jeffrey McKee, John Sewell, and Fred Meyerson

Climate Change Solidly on Germany's Security Agenda, Says ECSP Director

JANUARY 2009—Dabelko Discusses Climate-Security Links in Hamburg, Berlin

ECSP Author Haile Wins Population Institute Global Media Award

NOVEMBER 2005--Report Cites Ethiopia's Inadequate Population Measures

ECSP Report 7: Event Summaries

Event summaries from meetings sponsored by the Environmental Change and Security Program between August 2000 and June 2001.

Forest Plunder in Southeast Asia: An Environmental Security Nexus in Burma and Cambodia

The root causes of the threats to much of Asia’s biological diversity, particularly in the region’s more unstable and authoritarian countries, can be generalized in three words: conversion, consumption and corruption.



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