Environment, Conflict Expert Joins the Wilson Center

AUGUST 2006—John Katunga Begins Term as OSI Africa Policy Scholar

The Challenges of Groundwater in Southern Africa (No. 2)

Southern Africa faces potentially severe groundwater shortages, which not only imperil the lives of those directly dependent on it, but also the continued development of the region's economies.

Trade and Environment Forum Publications

Trade and environmental interests of all countries, including the United States, are global in nature, and increasingly interrelated. In an ecologically and economically integrated world, coherent global frameworks for both trade and environment policy that work together in a complementary way are needed to ensure sustainable development.

The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief: Stepping Up to the Global Challenge

In this recent speech, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Randall Tobias delineated President Bush's AIDS Plan, focusing on prevention, treatment, and stigma reduction. The ambassador conveyed both the devastation and hope he witnessed on a recent trip to Africa. His full remarks are available here.

New Connections, New Contributions at the Smithsonian

As the Smithsonian Institution enters a globalizing technological era, so must its mission expand its focus. At a Director's Forum at the Wilson Center, Secretary Wayne Clough laid out three global challenges that the Smithsonian plans to address: science, particularly global warming and biodiversity; education; and issues of national identity.

Defining Community in the Age of Globalization

Paper contribution to January 2010 seminar on environmental peacebuilding.

New Listserv Connects Population-Health-Environment Practitioners, Policymakers

APRIL 2008—PHE Policy & Practice Listserv Open to Anyone Working on PHE Issues

To Cultivate Peace: Agriculture in a World of Conflict

In this article, the authors examine the post–Cold War pattern of conflict with a focus on the role of agriculture.

Former Wilson Center Scholar Proposes Environmental Pathways to Peace in Africa

JANUARY 2007--New Policy Briefs Address Environmental Cooperation in Great Lakes Region, Nile Basin

Environmental Security: A View from Europe

We must reinvigorate the comprehensive—and reject the exclusively militaristic—definition of security, Margaret Brusasco-Mackenzie warns.


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