Foreword: Environmental Security Heats Up

Climate change has never drawn this much attention from the security community, especially in the United States, where the environmental security field is emerging from the shadows.

Sustained Development, Democracy, and Peace in Africa

When we manage resources sustainably and practice good governance, we promote cultures of peace, says Wangari Maathai.

ECSP Launches Blog on New Security Threats

FEBRUARY 2007—New Security Beat Provides Latest on Population, Environment, Security in the News

Disaster Experiences from the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995

Paper contribution to the April 2011 seminar on post-disaster community engagement.

Finding the Source: Exploring the Population/Water Resources Nexus in the Developing World

This article explores the population/water resources nexus by using empirical examples from Africa in order to isolate some of the strategically important issues that policymakers should recognize.

Water Can Be a Pathway to Peace, Not War

Worldwatch Institute Publishes Global Security Brief by Aaron T. Wolf, Annika Kramer, Alexander Carius, and Geoffrey D. Dabelko

Demography's Dangers

Governments and militaries are coming to recognize the security risks posed by high population growth rates, which often correlate with poverty, poor governance, and conflict.


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