From Conflict to Peacebuilding: UNEP's Role in Environmental Assessment and Recovery

"UNEP seeks to ensure that countries rebuilding from conflict identify the sustainable use of natural resources as a fundamental prerequisite and guiding principle of their reconstruction and recovery," says David Jensen, of the UN Environment Programme.

ECSP Report 5

The 1999 issue of the ECSP Report includes features on population, urbanization, environment, and security; agriculture and conflict; and environmental change, security, and social conflicts in the Brazilian Amazon. This issue also includes a look at the University of Michigan Population Fellows Program.

Huffington Post: "Overselling Climate Conflict?" Cites ECSP Report 13

MAY 2009—ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko Highlights Three Pitfalls to Avoid

Water Advocates Launches Expanded Water, Sanitation Effort

FEBRUARY 2008—U.S. WASH in Schools Initiative to Target Schoolchildren in the Developing World

CEF Produces Two New Environmental Health Project Research Briefs

APRIL 2007 - Coal Mining, by intern Yang Yang and Desertification, by assistant Linden Ellis are now posted on the Environmental Heath Project web page.

Wilson Center Launches Global Health Initiative

SEPTEMBER 2005--Inaugural Event to Examine Potential Avian Influenza Outbreak

dotPOP: Online Resources for Population Data

A compilation of key online resources for data on population.


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