Hong Kong Conference Report: Green NGO and Environmental Journalist Forum

Environmental activism in Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong has been growing considerably over the past decade, but most green activists and environmental journalists in each area have not had opportunities to meet and exchange ideas on their professions. Through a generous grant from the U.S. Institute of Peace, ECSP organized a forum in Hong Kong to provide opportunities for 65 environmentalists and journalists from the three areas of Greater China to discuss improving the capacity of environmental NGOs and the quality of environmental reporting in the region.

Hong Kong Conference Report: Section 7 (English)

Section 7 reflects on the prospect for environmental cooperation and peacemaking in this and other regions of conflict.

Wilson Center President Lee H. Hamilton Urges Stronger Economic, Political Diplomacy

JANUARY 2008—Military Power Crucial, But Not Sufficient, Says Editorial

Delivering Solutions to Improve Maternal Health and Increase Access to Family Planning

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 800 women die daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Almost all of these deaths occur in developing countries, with higher rates for women living in rural areas and among poorer communities.

ECSP Report 6: Table of Contents

The 2000 issue of the ECSP Report features commentaries on commentaries address environment, population, and conflict; and trade and the environment. Table of Contents.

What Would It Take To Help People and the Planet?

We must ask whether investments to protect biologically rich areas are effective and sustainable if they don’t respond to the many needs of the people who live there, writes ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko in a column for Momentum magazine.

ECSP Blog Identifies Today's New Security Threats

MAY 2007--New Security Beat Provides Latest on Population, Environment, Security in the News

ECSP Report 11

Bringing together a diverse group of authors – from Nepal to Norway, from the university to the military – the 11th edition of the Environmental Change and Security Program Report explores how powerful underlying forces may engender war – or lay a foundation for peace.

Washington Times Publishes Op-Ed by Senior Policy Scholar William Krist

OCTOBER 2005--United States Needs New Trade Policy, Krist says

Duke University Hosts Conference on Conflict and the Environment on Feb. 26

ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko's keynote address outlines next steps for scholarship and policy


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