ECSP Report 9: Event Summaries (Part 2)

Summaries include Conservation, Population and Health, with Jane Goodall; and The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Critical Policy Issues for the Armed Forces, with Stuart Kingma and Rodger Yeager.

Avian Flu: The Next Pandemic?

JANUARY 2006--Lead story from January 2006 issue of Centerpoint

Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage Options in Developing Countries: A Review of Current Implementation Practices

The authors discuss point-of-use drinking water treatment and safe storage options, which can accelerate the health gains associated with improved water.

Announcing New U.S.-Taiwan Fuel Cell Initiative

A joint initiative by CEF and Breakthrough Technologies Institute made possible by a grant from the Blue Moon Fund

Some Comments on Community Healing in Time of Disaster

Paper contribution to the April 2011 seminar on post-disaster community engagement.

Environmental Security Heats Up as Obama Administration Prepares to Tackle Climate, Energy

DECEMBER 2008—Latest ECSP Report Covers New Security Issues: Environment, Population, and Health

PECS News Issue 8 (Spring 2003)

Issue 8 features an article on monitoring and evaluation approaches for integrated population, health, and environment programming, as well as event summaries, and a review of the UNFPA's State of World Population 2002.

Wilson Center President Urges Senate to Approve Law of the Sea Convention

AUGUST 2007—Hamilton Highlights Numerous Benefits of Ratification


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