ECSP Report 9

Jane Goodall kicks off the 9th edition of the ECSP Report with her assessment of population and environment connections in Africa. The diverse collection of articles also features commentaries on global poverty and U.S. national security. Complete report.

ECSP, USAID Explore Fisheries With Ongoing "Fishing for a Secure Future" Series

APRIL 2007—Seminars Address Opportunities, Challenges of Managing Fisheries

Christian Science Monitor Publishes OpEd by Senior Policy Scholar William Krist

"All together now: Take the free-market plunge" argues that the U.S. and other developed countries should eliminate export subsidies and significantly open their agricultural markets.

Flash Points and Tipping Points: Security Implications of Global Population Changes

"Population distortions - in which populations grow too young, or too fast, or too urbanized - make it difficult for prevailing economic and administrative institutions to maintain stable socialization and labor-force absorption," says author Jack A. Goldstone.

Business and the Environment: What’s Trending?

Bloomberg BNA is a leading provider of news to businesses around the world. We spoke with its director of environmental news, Larry Pearl, to learn about the issues that are of most interest to his clients. He provides insight into how the business community views climate change and also about a regulatory issue that may be rising in prominence.

ECSP Director to Discuss Security for a New Century

SEPTEMBER 2005--Geoffrey Dabelko to Provide Hill Briefing

Responding to Pakistan's Water Crisis

How can the world help Pakistan respond to its widespread and deadly water crisis? In a new policy brief published by the Norwegian Peacebuilding Center, program associate Michael Kugelman examines the opportunities and constraints faced by the international community in its efforts to help reduce the country's water woes.

ECSP Report 14

The latest volume of ECSP's flagship publication, ECSP Report 14 is now online-only, with individual issues released throughout 2012. Articles address the demographic roots of the Arab Spring; the links between population dynamics and environmental resources like water, biodiversity, and food; and the potential impact of climate change mitigation efforts on conflict, among other topics. The new ECSP Report is available on the Wilson Center website, the 'New Security Beat' blog, and

ECSP Report 2

In the 1996 issue of ECSP's annual report, Miriam R. Lowi writes about water disputes in the Middle East, while Dennis Pirages explores "microsecurity". Also in this issue: a look at overseas contamination by the military; an action plan for population, development, and environment; and Thomas Homer-Dixon's findings from a project on environment, population, and security.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Thomas Friedman Presents Hot, Flat and Crowded at Wilson Center

SEPTEMBER 2008—Latest Book Offers Solutions to Climate, Energy, and Population Problems


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