Burning the Bridge to the 21st Century: The End of the Era of Integrated Conferences

While global environmental and population challenges are clearer and more pressing than ever, the international community seems less capable of constructive agreement, writes Frederick Meyerson.

ECSP Report 11: Reviews of New Publications

Experts review new publications.

Wilson Blog Recognized for Population Coverage

"New Security Beat," Environmental Change and Security Program's blog, has won The Population Institute's Global Media Award for Best Online Commentary or Blog.

Avian Flu May Be the Next Pandemic

"It is not if it is going to happen. It is when, and where, and how bad," said Dr. Michael Osterholm at the first meeting sponsored by the Wilson Center's new Global Health Initiative. Video and powerpoint presentation available.

Beginning the Demographic Transition: Very Young and Youthful Age Structures

From 1970-2000, "only 13 percent of countries with a very young age structure had fully democratic governments, compared with 83 percent of countries with a mature age structure," says Elizabeth Leahy, who compares age structure to conflict in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Iran, and Pakistan.

Climate Change Is a Critical Security Issue for United Nations

OCTOBER 2009--ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko speaks at UN General Assembly special event, urging UN and member states to adopt a comprehensive institutional approach to climate's security threats.

Domestic Drones & The Environment Revisited

Joanne Gabrynowicz examines privacy and other issues which arise from the use of drones in anticipation of growing use of the technology in U.S. airspace. Ruth Greenspan Bell discusses her latest work “Rebooting the Climate Effort.”

ECSP Director Geoff Dabelko Joins Premier Donors at Global Philanthropy Forum

MAY 2008—Conference on Human Security Draws Cutting-Edge Donors, Social Entrepreneurs

Missing Women and Bare Branches: Gender Balance and Conflict

The authors ask whether societies with an abnormal ratio between men and women are less secure.


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