Navigating Peace: Generating New Thinking About Water

Over one billion people lack access to adequate water. Almost two-and-a-half billion are without adequate sanitation. And two to five million people—mostly children—die every year from preventable waterborne diseases.

It's Good to Talk, but Better to Listen: The Tanbou project harnesses people power to combat corruption in Haiti

Paper contribution to the April 2011 seminar on post-disaster community engagement.

ECSP Report 5

The 1999 issue of the ECSP Report includes features on population, urbanization, environment, and security; agriculture and conflict; and environmental change, security, and social conflicts in the Brazilian Amazon. Complete report.

People on the Move: Reducing the Impacts of Human Migration on Biodiversity

This book provides conservation planners and protected area managers with an excellent overview of contemporary human migration, emphasizing its impacts on biodiversity.

Wilson Center Director Hamilton Comments on Security Challenges of Demography, Environment

DECEMBER 2008—Review of National Intelligence Council Report Calls for U.S. Leadership

"New Security Beat" Wins 2011 Global Media Award

Popular blog honored for leading-edge analysis on global environment and security issues, marking third time selected by Population Institute

Indoor Air Pollution Responsible for 394,200 Deaths a Year in China

MAY 2007 - WHO releases first National Burden of Disease report on indoor air pollution

Migration, Population Change, and the Rural Environment

This article considers issues pertaining to the linkages between rural populations, migration from and to rural areas, and the environment, focusing on developing countries in the latter part of the 20th century.

ECSP Director Speaks to Pew International Journalism Program and Florida Atlantic University

Geoffrey Dabelko gave three speeches in four days on environmental change and international security.


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