Global Conflict Transformation: Lessons from the Field

Paper contribution to January 2010 seminar on environmental peacebuilding.

ECSP/MHI Policy Briefs

Wilson Center Policy Briefs from the Environmental Change and Security Program and Maternal Health Initiative.

Pathways to Peace: Defining Community in the Age of Globalization

Paper contribution to January 2010 seminar on environmental peacebuilding.

Hong Kong Conference Report: Section 5 (English)

Environmental journalism has flourished in China over the past decade. But different political systems, various stages of economic development, and editorial priorities have created a wide divide among Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong environmental reporters.

Energy around the Globe

The Wilson Center's Global Energy Initiative (GEI) was featured in the Wilson Center Centerpoint. Along with other programs, the GEI explores energy costs, demand, resources, and environmental ramifications in countries around the world.

Oiling the Friction: Environmental Conflict Management in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Drawing on numerous interviews while living and working in the Niger Delta, Okechukwu Ibeanu analyzes the management of conflicts surrounding petroleum production in the region.

CEF Welcomes New Policy Scholar

MAY 2007 - Zhang Jialing, from SEPA's Division of Solid Waste and Toxic Chemical Management, will be working with CEF for 6 weeks

Population and Conflict: Exploring the Links

Complete set of commentaries exploring the links between population and conflict by authors Henrik Urdal, Sarah Staveteig, Valerie M. Hudson, Andrea M. den Boer, and Monica Duffy Toft.

New Website Highlights Environment, Conflict, Cooperation Connection

NOVEMBER 2005--Platform Builds Networks to Promote Sustainable Development, Peace

Is Environmentalism Dead?

Wildside News Interviews Geoff Dabelko


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