U.S. Defense Policymakers Should Focus on Demography, Says Expert

FEBRUARY 2009—New ECSP Report Article Names Four Trends to Watch: Youthful Populations, Changes in Military Personnel, International Migration, and Urbanization

PECS News Issue 2 (Spring 2000)

PECS News Issue 2 includes reports from events on environmental security in Africa, an article on integrating gender into WWF's programs in Nepal, and a review of Gunther Baechler's Violence Through Environmental Discrimination.

Global Warming Experts Should Think More About the Cold War

Every year the United Nations convenes diplomats from more than 190 nations to negotiate a climate change treaty, and in many years negotiators go home with little more than the promise of another annual meeting. They might find at least three lessons from the history of arms control, writes Public Policy Scholar Ruth Greenspan Bell and Barry Blechman of the Stimson Center.

World Water Week Draws Water Experts From Around the Globe

AUGUST 2007—Stockholm Conference Attendees Dive Into Governance Challenges, Integrated Ecosystem Services, Effects of Climate Change

ECSP Report 8: Reviews of New Publications

Experts review new publications.

MEDIA: New Story Ideas

Nepal; Peace Parks; U.S. Military & the Environment; Population & Conflict

Issue 11: Exploring the Links Between Conservation and Health

In this edited transcript, Jane Goodall focuses on two burgeoning problems rapidly depleting wildlife in Africa: the bushmeat trade and deforestation. Her institute combats deforestation by integrating community development, health care, and natural resource management.

Combating AIDS: Centerpoint Features HIV/AIDS Meetings

Series examines the pandemic's growth and efforts by developing-country


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