In Defense of Environment and Security Research

Since the end of the Cold War, many policymakers and researchers have been rethinking and pushing the boundaries of the definition of security. Perhaps the most extensive and controversial part of this project has been the numerous and varied attempts to identify links among environmental change, conflict, and security.

"Water for the Poor" Town Hall Meeting at State Department on April 19

APRIL 2006--Register by April 12; Submit Written Comments by April 30

Book Preview: In "War and Conflict in Africa," GWU Scholar Skeptical That Natural Resources Play a Leading Role

In "War and Conflict in Africa," Paul Williams evaluates which factors explain the frequency of conflict in Africa during the post-Cold War era and how the international community has tried to build peace and prevent future conflict.

Population, Migration, and Water Conflicts in the Pangani River Basin, Tanzania

The author describes how population growth and migration in Tanzania’s Pangani River basin—arguably the most waterstressed basin in the country—have intensified local water conflicts.

CEF to Host Book Launch for The River Runs Black: The Environmental Challenge to China's Future

Co-Sponsored by the Wilson Center's Asia Program and the Council on Foreign Relations

Senators: Water Is a National Security Issue; Key to Foreign Assistance Reform

MARCH 2009—ECSP Director Dabelko Praises Historic Week in Washington for Water

Reflecting on Issues Close to Congress

Three Wilson Center directors visited St. Edwards University in Austin to discuss political, economic, and environmental issues currently being debated in the U.S. Congress.

Finding the Source: Exploring the Population/Water Resources Nexus in the Developing World

This article explores the population/water resources nexus by using empirical examples from Africa in order to isolate some of the strategically important issues that policymakers should recognize.

Environment, Conflict Expert Joins the Wilson Center

AUGUST 2006—John Katunga Begins Term as OSI Africa Policy Scholar


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