Wilson Center Scholar John Sewell Publishes Action Plan for Ending Poverty

JUNE 2007—Briefing Paper Offers Comprehensive Strategy for U.S. Policymakers

President Signs Water for the Poor Act

DECEMBER 2005--Bill Shows US Commitment to Global Access to Water, Sanitation

Event Summary: Navigating Peace

Event summary for Navigating Peace: Generating New Thinking about Water.

Kite Sensorship: Regulating China’s Airways

Launched in July 2012, FLOAT Beijing—a community art project that utilizes citizen science—offers a simple, innovative, and non-confrontational approach to air quality monitoring: kites. Pioneered by two U.S. graduate students, the project tracks air pollutants using air sensor modules attached to kites.

Closing the Gaps: Improving the Provision of Water and Sanitation

Geoff Dabelko and Charlotte Youngblood conclude that small-scale approaches are critical to closing the gaps in water and sanitation coverage.

Environmental Issues 2014: What’s Making News?

What are the environment issues that will dominate headlines in 2014? That’s the question that was addressed during a recent Wilson Center event. The panel’s keynote speaker, Larry Pearl of Bloomberg BNA, paid particular attention to the perspective of the business community and the stories that will be most important to that constituency.

Human Population Growth and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

An issue brief produced by the Population-Health-Environment Policy and Practice Group.

Former Botswana President Champions Health, Governance Issues

Former Botswana President Festus Mogae is working actively with world leaders on HIV/AIDS prevention efforts across Africa. "We can't ask the international community for help unless we first help ourselves," said Mogae, who recently spent several months as a Wilson Center scholar to further his work.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Paul Ehrlich: Has the "Population Bomb" Finally Exploded?

SEPTEMBER 2008—Population, Environment Expert Launches New Book at Wilson Center


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