Security and Ecology in the Age of Globalization

This article argues that, while the interconnections between the environment and conflict are many and complex, the likelihood of large-scale warfare over renewable resources is small. Nonetheless, environmental difficulties do render many people insecure.

Environmental Security Side Events Scheduled for 13th Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development

ECSP co-sponsors "Water and Global Security: Integrating Environmental Peacemaking in the Reforms of the United Nations"

Population Age Structure and Its Relation to Civil Conflict: A Graphic Metric

The authors use population age structure and recent history of civil unrest to project risks of civil conflict into the future.

As the clock ticks, trees fall in Brazil's Amazon

Former Public Policy Scholar and author of "The Unconquered", Scott Wallace, writes on deforestation in the Amazon.

Finding the Source: Foreword

Population and fresh water are widely recognized as two of the most important issues facing humanity. Yet too few policymakers are aware of the close links between these two phenomena. Foreword and table of contents.

U.S. Defense Policymakers Should Focus on Demography, Says Expert

FEBRUARY 2009—New ECSP Report Article Names Four Trends to Watch: Youthful Populations, Changes in Military Personnel, International Migration, and Urbanization

ECSP Report 9: Official Statements

Excerpts from recent official statements that prominently cite environment, population, health, and human security issues in the context of national and security interests.

Wilson Center, State Library of Victoria Host Climate Change Panel

MARCH 2007--Australian Event to Look at Meeting Challenges of Global Warming


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