231. Constructing Threat in Russian Foreign Policy: Ethnicity, Apocalypse, and Baltic Warriors

March 2001- John Ikenberry's important new book, After Victory, contends that victorious states seek stable alliances and cooperative relations after major wars. Rather than using military victory to assert further dominance, the urge for stability should trump triumphalism.

Marching to Baghdad Via Cyprus

October 2002- Napoleon was the master of Europe. His unprecedented ability to move large armies to Spain, Russia, and Egypt relied on a system of supply depots throughout Europe.

Country Updates

All papers, commentaries, programs and related content prior to January 2005 reflect the work and product of the Western Policy Center. Country Updates were offered as a concise review of major political, economic, and military developments impacting U.S. interests. The dates covered 1998 - 2004 for each area of concentration that the Western Policy Center covered.


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